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(30 May 2016)
Some games and their rules

Not Completing Words

    This is a game for two players that is particularly well suited to SMS text-messaging.  It is based on a game my family used to play on car journeys when I was a child.  Click here for the rules.


Hat-Skirt Hockey

    This is a game for two players that can be played on a road journey, on a railway station, from the window of a café, or in any other public place.  My father and I invented it a few years ago when my mother was ill, to help pass the time while we waited for, and travelled on, buses to and from the hospital.  Click here for the rules.

 A good spot for Hat-Skirt Hockey (wide)

Not Scrabble

    This is a game for up to about six players that uses the letters from a Scrabble set (or any other similar word game) but not the board.  To win at Not Scrabble you have to be alert at all times.  This makes it more engaging than Scrabble, in which players spend most of their time waiting passively for their turn to come round.  I'm not sure where or when this game originated, but I have been playing it with friends for at least twenty years.  Click here for the rules.

 NotScrabble.gxnx.uk (detail)

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